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In May 2016 we started to collect resources in the broad areas of business (#BizHis) and economic history (#EconHis) which have been made public through Facebook and Twitter. If you wish to contribute please email:

In social media please consider using #econhis and/or #bizhis

Note: (Click here) for searchable archives of all papers distributed by NEP-HIS since 1999.

Economic and Business History on Facebook
Association of Business Historians
Baker Business Historians
Centre for Business History at BI – Norway
Department of Economic History at Lund University
Durham Business School Business History Research Group
European Business History Association
Economic and Business History Society
Economic and Social History Society of Ireland
Economic and Social History Society of Scotland
Economic History Society
Economic History Society Women’s Committee
Ekonomisk Historia – (edited from the Unit for Economic History, University of Gothenburg)
The Finnish Economic History Society
The History of Nordic IT
LSE Economic History Thesis Workshop
Network of Interdisciplinary Research into Family Firms
Unternehmensgeschichte (German business history association)
World Economic History Conference, Boston 2018
Archives on Twitter Twitter Id
Archives Hub
British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Archives
British Telecom (BT Group) Archives
Business Archives Council
Business Archives Wales
European Association for Banking and Financial History
Hagley Museum and Archives
The Henry Ford
Historical Archives of the European Union
IEEE History Center
Scottish Business History Network
Economic History Departments on Twitter Twitter Id
Department of Economic History at Lund University
N.W. Posthumus Institute (Dutch-Flemish research school)
Learned Societies on Twitter Twitter Id
African Economic History
Asociación Española de Historia Económica
Asociación Mexicana de Historia Económica
Asociación Peruana de Historia Económica
Association of Business Historians
Business History Conference
Canadian Business History Association
Canadian Enterprise History Network – Réseau Canadien d’Histoire des Enterprises
Economic History Society
Economic History Society Women’s Committee
Oral History Society
Society for History of Technology (SHOT)
SHOT Special Interest Group for Computers, Information & Society
World Economic History Conference (2018)

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